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Two-room comfort-class apartment in a luxury complex, 55 m2

Alanya, Gazipasha


Area: 55 m2


Beautiful 4+1 villa in Tepe area, 350 m2

Alanya, Centre


Area: 350 m2


414 000
One-room apartment in Avsallar from an investor, 50m2

Alanya, Avsallar


Area: 50 m2


85 000
cozy two-room apartment in Cikdjili, 100m2

Alanya, Cikcilli


Area: 100 m2


108 000
Bright duplex 2+1 in a new building in Avsallar, 85 m2 photos 1

Hot deal

Bright duplex 2+1 in a new building in Avsallar, 85 m2

Alanya, Avsallar


Area: 85 m2


122 000
Luxurious duplex for citizenship in Mahmutlar, 81 m2

Alanya, Mahmutlar


Area: 81 m2


205 000
Luxury penthouse with sea view in Kargicak, 385 m2

Alanya, Kargicak


Area: 385 m2


1 000 000
One-room apartment in Mahmutlar with an excellent location, 60 m2

Alanya, Mahmutlar


Area: 61 m2


106 000
Ready furnished apartment 1+1 in Mahmutlar, 60 m2

Alanya, Mahmutlar


Area: 60 m2


79 500
Furnished two-room apartment in Mahmutlar, 45 m2

Alanya, Mahmutlar


Area: 45 m2


79 000

Buying a resale property in Turkey

Buying real estate on the seacoast in Turkey (Alanya, Antalya) is perhaps a dream for many foreign tourists who have visited this charming southern country at least once. Such expenses are fully justified since it is much cheaper and easier to fly to the Republic of Turkey than, for example, to the Maldives. Holidaymakers also value the level of service they can get high-quality services and comfort for a very reasonable price. Owning real estate in the country makes it easier and more pleasant to come to Turkey since you return to a familiar, comfortable, and fully equipped home.

Turkish secondary housing is incredibly diverse in terms of options, price range, layouts, and location. A certain category of clients will find the resale real estate market attractive. The resale market offers houses or apartments that already had a previous owner. What determines the price of resale real estate property in Turkey?

It has been many years since the government allowed foreigners to buy residential and commercial property. Since then, every year the situation is improving, and the rules for acquiring documents have been simplified. During this time, a lot has changed in the real estate market. For example, along with the growth in demand, prices per square meter for housing from the developer also increased. Therefore, foreign citizens began to turn their attention to the sale of real estate from the owner, especially in such popular cities today as Alanya and Antalya.

Perhaps, you should pay attention to several main points. Firstly, the opportunity to choose a favourable location. Construction companies, as a rule, begin to build houses in the most liquid areas of the resort in terms of further sale. It is the first coastline and other picturesque regions. Today, as you know, it is almost impossible to find the new residential buildings that stand near the sea. And if you manage to, the real estate cost is an order of magnitude higher than in more remote neighbourhoods. The second option for acquiring new housing is to look for areas where development is just beginning. However, it will take some time to equip the territory and establish the necessary infrastructure. This option will allow you to buy real estate property in instalments.

On the positive side, the buildings put into operation a few years ago have no technical or housing problems. Everything has already been checked and corrected. You also can see where repair work is already required when viewing real estate. In this case, the seller must significantly reduce the cost of the apartment, and the buyer decides whether this would be acceptable to him.

What to pay attention to? Since the premises were built several years ago, they may lack some innovations we are used to having. For example, floor heating, modern ceiling lighting, the smart-home system, and other features. Of course, everything depends on the owner. Sometimes it is much better to buy an apartment in a good place, without ultra-modern equipment and design novelties, but with incredible views from the windows. In some cases, resale real estate in Turkey does not always sell cheap. The exclusivity of the object makes it expensive, and sometimes the age of the house does not significantly affect the final cost.

Secondary real estate market, do I need to seek assistance?

Assistance is highly recommended, as the buyer, in most cases, cannot give an objective assessment of the apartment. Specialists of a professional real estate agency have extensive experience in such sales and can point out all the advantages and disadvantages of housing at the first show and even negotiate possible discounts.

Thanks to its extensive professional experience, Status Property can offer you the best options in the Turkish real estate market from an exclusive database of properties. Our services:

  • An inspection tour to view the selected apartments, the cost of which is reimbursed by the company upon purchase.
  • Free consultation on all matters related to the selection and purchase.
  • Assistance at all stages of a buy-sale agreement and acquiring ownership right.
  • A wide range of after-sale services.

It is easy to become an owner of high-quality Turkish real estate with the Status Property agency!