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How can I find out about the conditions for a mortgage loan in Turkey?

Today, almost all foreign citizens can get a mortgage from a Turkish bank.

If you have chosen real estate in Turkey, and all you have to do is sign the documents and pay the seller, but you do not have the required amount of money, our company will help you get a mortgage from any bank and prepare all the documents.

After contacting a Turkish bank and agreeing on all the terms and conditions, you need to fill in a form, then the bank's employees will begin the procedure for obtaining a mortgage, namely:

  • the bank sends an appraiser to the lending facility to assess the real estate
  • the bank will issue the result of the appraised value within 2-5 days
  • after the assessment, the bank issues a guarantee letter to the borrower on the issuance of a loan.

When you have a guarantee letter, you need to pay the bank fee for issuing a mortgage.

Bear in mind that today only Kuveyt Turk Bank provides mortgages in foreign currencies: euro, dollar, and Turkish lira.

The loan interest rate for 60 months is*:

  • in euro currency - 0.46% monthly (5.52% annually)
  • in dollar currency - 0.51 monthly (6.12 annually)
  • in Turkish lira - 1.11% monthly (13.32 annually)

*Interest rate may vary depending on the duration of the loan. Loan amount - 50% of the appraised value!

List of documents for obtaining a loan

Copy of the TAPU (Property Ownership Certificate) of the property being purchased

Photocopy of a passport certified by a notary

Salary certificate validated by the employer

Credit history from the bank

Ownership documents in your home country


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